66 – Clément Dufner

Clément Dufner à Valenciennes, precision Floor Standing Regulator with extraordinary experimental pendulum. Movement with two trapeze-shaped plates held by four massive pillars, the barrel with Maintaining Power, the gut-line holding a pulley with two hanging weights on either side of a horizontal bar, in the Liège fashion. Amant-type pinwheel escapement, with all the circular pins on the same side. Wounding through the middle, with a crank key. The pendulum crutch with rollers for minimizing friction with the pendulum, an adjusting hand screw for adjusting the beat.
The extraordinary pendulum allows for a thermal compensation, after a unique concept of use and placement of different metals. Knife-edge suspension.
Ormolu dial and bezel with three subsidiary dials displayed: hours, minutes and seconds above, day of the month on left and day of the week on right. All hands in blued steel. A cartouche below with signature Clément Dufner A VALENCIENNES 1848.
Large mahogany veneer case, typically of Louis-Philippe style, with opening on the left side through a pushrod. A large window at the front with archway matching the dial allows for a good viewing of the dial, pendulum and weight assembly.
Autonomy one month.


Height 89ʺ (226cm), Width 22ʺ (56cm), Depth 11½ʺ (29cm).


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